10 Of The Best Genuine Honda Tank Pads

A tank pad is an essential piece of equipment for nearly every motorcycle being ridden today. If you own a Honda motorcycle there are plenty of Genuine Honda tank pads that you can purchase to protect your fuel tank from scratches and other damage. Here at www.motorbikeplanet .co.uk we have a huge selection of tank pads to suit any model of Honda motorcycle. Here are 10 of our favourites!

Honda WIng Logo Tank Pad
1.      Honda Wing Logo Tank Pad: This tank pad is finished in a carbon look material with the Honda wing logo printed on the top section. The pad is split in to 3 sections so you can space it out however you want to. It has a recommended retail price of £13.28 which makes it an affordable way to protect your bike.

Honda Tulip Tank Pad

2.       Honda Tulip Shaped Tank Pad: A stylish design split into three sections. It can be fitted to cover a little more of the sides of the fuel tank than a straight tank pad would cover. It is made of a lens coated carbon look material and features the word ‘Honda‘ at the top of the middle section. A great way to add an individual touch to your bike for only £17.22.

Honda Basci Tank Pad

  3.       Honda Basic Tank Pad: This tank pad may be called basic but it does a great job of protecting your bike without drawing attention to it. If you prefer your bike to be more subtle then this is the tank pad for you. It is a neat design, looking as if it is divided into 4 sections. It is actually one complete piece that you just stick on to the fuel tank in the position that you prefer. This tank pad is more padded than many of the others and a good investment at only £18.38

Honda Hornet Pad & Fuel Lid

4.       Honda Hornet Special Edition Tank Pad & Fuel Lid Cover: This is a brilliant piece of kit for anyone who owns a Honda Hornet. Not only do you get the tank pad, you also get the matching fuel lid cover too. Both items are black with a logo on them. The tank pad has a hornet printed on it and the fuel lid cover has the word ‘Hornet’ across the flap cover. The set costs £32.68 and you receive free delivery on all orders over £30 from www.motorbikeplanet.co.uk so there are no extra postage costs on this product.

Honda HRC Tank Pad

    5.       Honda HRC Logo Tank Pad: This is one of our most popular tank pads. We’ve fitted them to all sorts of bikes from Fireblades to CBF125s. It adds a sporty look to any model and offers  good looks and protection for only £16.34.The tank pad is carbon fibre look and divided into 4 sections so it can be placed with the individual pieces close together or further apart depending on what style you prefer. This tank pad features the HRC logo on the top section.  

Honda Herringbone Pad

6.       Honda Herringbone Shaped Tank Pad: This is a really unusual looking pad. It is a one piece tank pad in a herringbone design. The pad is made from carbon look material and has the word ‘Honda’ printed across the top. A great looking tank pad for only £17.22.

Honda VFR1200X Tank Pad

     7.       Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer Tank Pad: This tank pad is designed to fit neatly around the tank of the Honda Crosstourer. It a lovely curvaceous design that compliments the bike perfectly. The tank pad is a subtle black colour with Honda embossed into the top of the pad. If you own a VFR1200X then you should really think about getting this tank pad. It offers great looks, style and protection for £41.71.

Honda Carbon Wing Logo Pad

8.       Honda Carbon Tank Pad: – This tank pad is very similar in appearance to the Honda Wing Logo Tank Pad. The difference is that this pad is made of carbon and not just carbon look material! It features the Honda wing logo on the top section. The tank pad is divided into three sections and has an adhesive back to stick it to the fuel tank. The Carbon Tank Pad is only £22.47 which is a great price for a carbon accessory.

Honda Tank Pad

     9.       Honda Tank Pad: – This brilliant tank pad fits the Honda ST1300, CBR1100XX, VFR800, NT700V and many more. It’s a one piece tapering pad that is made of black polyurethane. This tank pad is padded and has the word ‘Honda’ in a 3d effect at the top of the pad. The Honda Tank Pad is a simple yet stylish design that adds a touch of class to any motorcycle and with a retail price of only £32.68 it’s also good value too.

Honda HRC Tank Pad & Fuel Cover

10.   Honda Tank Pad & Fuel Lid Cover HRC Logo: – This is probably our best selling tank pad both on-line and in store at Honda Of Bournemouth. You get the Honda HRC Logo Tank Pad (as described above at number 5) and a carbon look fuel lid cover featuring the HRC logo on the flap cover. You get both the tank pad and fuel lid cover for only £27.57. They look good on all models but they really give the sports bikes a fantastic finish.

Every Honda motorcycle deserves to have its tank protected by a Genuine Honda tank pad and there are loads to choose from! You can buy all of these tank pads in store at Honda Of Bournemouth or you can purchase them on-line at www.motorbikeplanet.co.uk