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New in stock: the Alpinestars New Land Gore-Tex® jacket, get a lot for your money!

We just started receiving the new 2015 season from our suppliers, and there is one jacket that stays in our mind: the Alpinestars New Land Gore-Tex® Jacket. It replaces the old model and the brand has made a few changes that need to be highlighted.
Alpinestars New Land Gore-Tex membrane in black/blue and white

Here we go!
First of all, this is the only Jacket in the Alpinestars range we stock in the showroom that features a Gore-Tex® membrane. I thought it would be important to mention that. If you guys are after an Alpinestars all-weather touring jacket with Gore-Tex® (and not Drystar®), well, that’s the one you need!
You will find all the usual features for this jacket: Removable thermal liner, adjustment at waist and arms, neoprene collar for more comfort, reflective piping…
Alpinestars has improved the look and the comfort of this model. What's new in 2015? The ventilation system has changed: you still get the usual air vents on the chest and at the back. But now, you also get two zippered air intakes on the cuffs. These zips have actually two goals: improve the ventilation while riding and provide a large aperture when putting your gloves on.
Also, the protection has been improved. You still get CE Certified shoulder and elbow protectors inside of the jacket (don’t forget to remove them when cleaning your gear). Alpinestars added external dual-density TPU shoulder sliders which contribute to a better safety. The rest of the protection has not changed: the jacket features a back padding and you can upgrade it by inserting a proper Alpinestars hard back protector, and that’s the same for the chest protectors.

Alpinestars New Land Gore-Tex jacket in Black

All-in-one, this New Land jacket with Gore-Tex® membrane is perfect for an all-year around rider who is looking for comfort, extra safety and warmth for winter riding.
We stock the jacket in two colours: plain black and Black/Grey/Blue. Get it here for £379.99

Honda of Bournemouth’s tip: Treat yourself with the matching trousers in plain black for £279.99.

Alpinestars New Land Gore-Tex trousers in Black

Overview of the 2015 colours for the Shoei NXR Helmet

Shoei treated us with its new NXR helmet last year. We’ve just received the new 2015 designs and they look amazing!

So, to start with, what would you expect from your NXR? I’m sure you all already know everything about it, so here's just a quick reminder:

NXR Beaufighter
The NXR is a sports helmet, not a touring one. So you don’t get the features of the GT Air for example (like the drop down visor). It features a complete new design, very compact. You won’t believe how light it is. We’ve never seen something like this before. Shoei has really done some work on it. The shell is light and slim and the shell baseline has been redesigned on both sides.

Ventilation system on the NXR
The ventilation system has been improved compared to the old XR1100. The air intakes are placed in the centre of the forehead for more stability in the sport riding position. The helmet also features an air vent at the chin and a rear extractor for the hot air.

So now, I can see you turning your face thinking, a nice ventilation system is ok, but what about the noise that comes with it? Well, good question. Shoei has an answer for everything. The reduction of wind noise has been improved. This has been achieved by the improvement of wind beading and utilizing larger cheek and ear pads. This NXR is a highly comfortable helmet.

The model uses a new visor. Removing the visor from the helmet is still very easy and hassle free and the base plate can be adjusted front and rear by rotating a dial. The helmet comes with the Pin-lock supplied in the box.

Emergency Quick Release System
Safety wise, the helmet features Shoei's exclusive 'Emergency Quick Release System'. In case of an accident, somebody else can remove your helmet easily and without hurting your head by simply pulling the tab.
The padding is entirely removable and can be washed in the washing machine (no more than 40 degres).

So now that you had a quick reminder of the features for the NXR, let’s take a look at the most important stuff: The colours!!

Here’s are the new 2015 designs we have in stock at the moment:

Shoei NXR Lunar TC1
NXR Lunar TC1
Shoei NXR Terminus TC9
NXR Terminus TC9

Shoei NXR Brigand TC10
NXR Brigand TC10

Our supplier stock more colours, and you can have a look at them on Honda of Bournemouth’s website: here

So, what colour do you prefer guys?

Treat yourself with this amazing deal!

If you have a look on our website, you’ll see loads of bundles to treat yourself with. Let me introduce you to one of these I believe will be of interest for you. This is called the Bogota Bundle. For £459.99, get an Alpinestars Bogota jacket, an Alpinestars Bogota trousers and a apir of Alpinestars Transit gloves.

Here's what you need to know about the gear:

This jacket is available in black, in black and grey or in grey blue and red (we only stock the first two colours at Honda of Bournemouth).
Alpinestars Bogota Jacket Black

It is an adventure styled jacket. Perfect for touring riders, the jacket features a extremely well made ventilation system that will keep you fresh on warn days of summer.
The outer shell is made of a mix of materials, highly abrasion and tear resistant. There is a Drystar membrane that you can remove if needs be. The Drystar liner will keep you dry at all times. Once removed, the jacket becomes a perfect piece of gear for summer time. You can also remove the thermal liming. All these features allow you to play around with your gear and make it the perfect jacket for all year-around riding.
The shoulders and elbows protectors are CE Certified. You can also upgrade the jacket with an Alpinestars back protector insert and Alpinestars chest protectors (the jacket features foam padding and the CE approved protections are available as accessories).
Comfort wise, you can adjust the jacket at the waist and at the arms. The sleeves are pre-curved for more comfort. This feature will help reduce tiredness during long trips.
The jacket is also elongated at the rear, one more time for more comfort. There are double zippers on both cuffs that allow an improvement of the ventilation. This feature seems to be on all the new models for the year, and this is a great improvement.
You also get plenty of pockets with this jacket. It is ideal for commuting as you can carry all your belongings with you without a bag pack. There are: two chest cargo pockets (perfect for passes when going to work), two waterproof hand pockets (yes, waterproof!), a large back pocket (we aim to call it liner pocket, perfect for the thermal lining) and an internal waterproof wallet pocket. You see, no need for a bag!
This jacket is available at Honda of Bournemouth for £249.99 .

So now, let’s have a look at the matching trousers.

Alpinestars Bogota trousers:
Alpinestars Bogota Trousers Black
What is easy with matching trousers is that they tend to have the same features of the jacket. You’ll find the Drystar membrane, but fixed to the outer shell this time, with no possibility to remove it. But you will be able to remove the thermal lining if you need.
The trousers feature plenty of pockets (just as the jacket) with two cargo pockets and two hand pockets. The legs are pre-curved as well and you can adjust the trousers thanks to the waist belt but also thanks to the braces (they are removable).
Protection wise, you get the removable knee pads (don’t forget to take them out when you wash your trousers). You will be able to connect them to any Alpinestars jacket to increase your safety while riding.
These Bogota trousers come in two colours (plain black or black and grey) and are available at Honda of Bournemouth for £189.99.

Alpinestars Transit X-trafit Gore-Tex Gloves:
Alpinestars Transit X-trafit Gore-Tex® Leather Gloves 2014
Alpinestars Transit Gore-Tex Gloves

What a better idea to include a pair of Alpinestars Gore-Tex gloves in this bundle?! We know, it is almost giving them away in the deal, but we are like that at Honda of Bournemouth, we like to please!
The Transit the X-trafit material and a Gore-Tex membrane. this means that your hands will never get wet and the comfort will be optimized.
The outer shell is a mix of leather and textile to improve the comfort. Everything has been made to improve the comfort, such as the accordion panels on fingers, thumbs and back hands. A visor wipe has been integrated and the wrist features a Velcro closure in order to fit it perfectly with the jacket's sleeves.
Protection wise, the gloves feature PU knuckle protectors, padded protection on fingers and at palm and a finger bridge between the third and fourth fingers. 
Get these gloves for £112.99 at Honda of Bournemouth.

With the Bogota bundle available here, save £92.98 (that means that you "almost" get the gloves for free!)