Grex G9.1 Helmet Review

Hello, hello!
I saw that Honda of Bournemouth was doing a blog, full of reviews. I just wanted to help them out a little bit and write my own. I really like these reviews from real riders, you know what to expect, and their reviews are very helpful to be honest.
Well, let’s hope that mine will help you guys!
I bought the Grex G9.1 from Honda of Bournemouth about 6 months ago. I have a CB600 Hornet. I wanted to get a flip up helmet, not that I like these kinds of helmets, but I just wanted to be able to walk around the town centre where I live without taking off my helmet (ok, to be honest, I wanted to smoke a cigarette whenever I wanted!).
Grex G9.1 Front View
I didn’t know what size to go for. So, I preferred to pop into the shop directly to get some help. It was a pretty quiet Wednesday lunch-time when I arrived (and raining hard). The person proposed to help me straight away. When I explained what I wanted, he sized me up with a couple of different helmets. He explained me the differences between them but I couldn’t tell you now as I have as much memory as an elephant!
Well, the most important is that I remember what he said about the one I got. This Grex G9.1 is a very comfortable helmet at a very fair price (£129.99). The outer shell is made of Innovative Plastics polycarbonate, which is highly impact resistant. The padding inside is removable and it’s got an antibacterial treatment, which is great. I’ve been using it every week-end since I’ve bought it, and I’ve never had any problem with the freshness so far.
It has a good sporty look, even though it is a flip-up. I guess this was the reason why I went for it. It had everything I wanted and the style is a bonus!
I’ve also been told that the ventilation system on this helmet was pretty good. Verdict after 6
Grex G9.1 In Open Position
months: it is really good! You have two front air intakes at the front (upper and lower) and most importantly a rear extractor at the back of the helmet, integrated in the rear spoiler. I assure you that you have excellent internal ventilation; you just won’t be sweating anymore!
For the price, you also get a drop down visor, which is a bonus again as I wasn’t really looking for one. But, you know, it’s really useful. When you go for a long ride, you are enjoying yourself on our lovely roads and you have to stop every 10 minutes to put your sunglasses on or take them off. Annoying isn’t it? Well, not anymore with this helmet!
I bought the helmet in matt black, but you can get a white one directly in store. They can also order the colour you want, and you’ll get it within two days.

Grex G9.1 Side View

I remembered the sales guy asked me to try one Shoei one for a comparison. I’ll be honest with you, I felt more comfy with the Shoei one, the lining felt different. But the guy brought my attention to one important thing: I wanted to be able to ride with my helmet open. Good point, with the Grex you can! It has the little tiny button on the left side of the helmet that allows you to literally block the flip up when it is open.
To conclude, very impressive helmet fully featured for the price of £129.99! Can’t get any better at this price!