Overview of the 2015 colours for the Shoei NXR Helmet

Shoei treated us with its new NXR helmet last year. We’ve just received the new 2015 designs and they look amazing!

So, to start with, what would you expect from your NXR? I’m sure you all already know everything about it, so here's just a quick reminder:

NXR Beaufighter
The NXR is a sports helmet, not a touring one. So you don’t get the features of the GT Air for example (like the drop down visor). It features a complete new design, very compact. You won’t believe how light it is. We’ve never seen something like this before. Shoei has really done some work on it. The shell is light and slim and the shell baseline has been redesigned on both sides.

Ventilation system on the NXR
The ventilation system has been improved compared to the old XR1100. The air intakes are placed in the centre of the forehead for more stability in the sport riding position. The helmet also features an air vent at the chin and a rear extractor for the hot air.

So now, I can see you turning your face thinking, a nice ventilation system is ok, but what about the noise that comes with it? Well, good question. Shoei has an answer for everything. The reduction of wind noise has been improved. This has been achieved by the improvement of wind beading and utilizing larger cheek and ear pads. This NXR is a highly comfortable helmet.

The model uses a new visor. Removing the visor from the helmet is still very easy and hassle free and the base plate can be adjusted front and rear by rotating a dial. The helmet comes with the Pin-lock supplied in the box.

Emergency Quick Release System
Safety wise, the helmet features Shoei's exclusive 'Emergency Quick Release System'. In case of an accident, somebody else can remove your helmet easily and without hurting your head by simply pulling the tab.
The padding is entirely removable and can be washed in the washing machine (no more than 40 degres).

So now that you had a quick reminder of the features for the NXR, let’s take a look at the most important stuff: The colours!!

Here’s are the new 2015 designs we have in stock at the moment:

Shoei NXR Lunar TC1
NXR Lunar TC1
Shoei NXR Terminus TC9
NXR Terminus TC9

Shoei NXR Brigand TC10
NXR Brigand TC10

Our supplier stock more colours, and you can have a look at them on Honda of Bournemouth’s website: here

So, what colour do you prefer guys?