2010 Tax Changes on Motorcycles could benefit you!

So we all know that motorcycles and all the associated motorcycle accessories can be expensive, especially if you’re looking to buy your dream bike. Well I’m sure many biking enthusiasts will be pleased to find out that you could save up to 40% off the purchase of a bike in 2010 due to tax changes.

These new changes to tax means that any motorcycles that are used for work are 100% tax deductible, this would bring the cost of purchasing a Honda motorcycle down considerably, meaning your dream bike might now be within reach!

So if you are self employed and ride, or could potentially ride a motorcycle for business use, 2010 may be the year to buy. If you then wanted to use the bike outside of work you can claim some of the initial cost as capital allowance and the amount possible to claim would vary dependant upon how often the bike is used for work and how often outside of work.

Great news riders! Not only can you save money on a bike that is used for business and work purposes but you can also have fun on your bargain brand new bike as well, sounds like life couldn’t get any better!

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