Summer is on its way – are you dressed for it?

As the sun is starting to shine down in the south, I am sure all of you keen motorcyclists are itching to get out on your bikes once again. After dusting off your bike after its Winter hibernation and fixing any coughs or sneezes, it is time to think about your attire for the coming summer.

Whilst many of you will still be opting for the thick winter jackets to protect yourself from the strong winds and rain still lingering, it will soon be time to slip into something a bit more comfortable. During the summer it is important for you to stay warm on your bike ride without over-heating. If you are wearing a thick leather Winter jacket, becoming too hot whilst riding will make it very uncomfortable and ruin your entire ride. So it is best to be prepared and look into something more suitable for the warmer weather.

Alpinestars Air-Flo Summer kit provides the finest solution for all your summer clothing issues. Specially designed with innovative vents but without compromising on the protection, the Air-Flo Summer jackets are the perfect addition to your bike wardrobe. These jackets, made from 600 Denier Polyester, have mesh inserts to allow for air to flow freely through the jacket to keep the rider cool.

These lightweight jackets include all the usual elbow and shoulder protectors some of which contain compartments for both chest and back protectors. Although they use a mesh construction, they are non-water absorbing just in case you happen to get caught in a shower. Also available are the A-10 Air-Flo textile trousers encompassing the same mesh design for maximum cooling whilst riding. All in all the Alpinestars Air-Flo Summer kit is perfect for the long hot summer of riding.

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