Speed camera Switch Off!

The Oxfordshire MP’s are in arguments with the Government regarding the recent switch off of all speed cameras in the area in a bid to save £600,000.

The Government has cut £600,000 from the Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership which is in charge of Oxfordshire’s road safety. This has lead to them being forced to switch off all the speed cameras in the area as they no longer have the funds to run them. The total number of speed cameras being turned off is 79 including 7 traffic light cameras. The Thames Valley Police have agreed to try and still enforce the law whilst on the roads but cannot afford to pay the lump sum to keep them running.

There is a split consensus on this subject as the same thing happened in Swindon over a year ago and there has been no significant difference in road safety. The people of Oxfordshire are also concerned about the switch off and the fact that it has been publically highlighted. Some feel this openly tells people it is ok to speed as the cameras do not work.

For the motorcycle riders of Oxfordshire, the news is probably good news as many of us hate those cameras with a vengeance. Unfortunately, due to the publicity this story has received, the Police will be hot on the tails of any of those caught speeding – so just be careful!

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