Your First Motorcycle

So you’ve scrimped, saved and waited for this moment for such a long time, the moment where you buy or are ready to buy your first ever motorcycle. You’ve bought your Alpinestars gear, you know all of your local Honda dealers and you’re ready to fly. The feeling is euphoric as you start to taste the freedom of being out on the open road before you’ve even been handed the keys to the city.

There are a few things that need to be considered before you are properly road-worthy. Laws change all the time and we are expected to be aware of and adhere to any changes as soon as they are made effective.

If you’re new to riding a motorcycle or need a refresher on what you need to be aware of, this should be a good starting point for you. This is also good reference material for the parents of anyone thinking of getting a license to ride a motorcycle.

•    To ride a motorcycle you need to be at least seventeen years old. If you want to ride a moped you can be as young as sixteen.
•    Your driving license must be Category A where it will specifically allow you to ride motorcycles.
•    A CBT test is compulsory for anyone wanting to ride their motorcycle on the road legally, you’ll then be granted the DL196. This enables you to take your theory and practical tests and receive your license upon passing! However you do need to be aware that if you haven’t taken the tests within two years you will need to take the CBT test once more.
•    Make sure your Honda motorcycle parts are well maintained from the beginning, good habits are never too early to start!
•    There are three different types of motorcycle license you could potentially get. The first one is the Category P. This will allow you to ride a moped. As stated, you can do this from the age of 16. The second licence is the Category A1, this is a light motorcycle licence and allows you to ride any motorcycle up to 125CC. The final licence you can get is the category A, this is a full motorcycle licence and you have no restrictions on engine size with this one.
•    Remember that if you pass your practical on an automatic, you’ll only be allowed to ride automatics. Your path to your Honda motorcycles in bike heaven is shorter if you can take on both manual and automatic.