Shoei Helmets now selling at Honda

A motorcycle helmet is by far the most important piece of equipment you need to go out riding on your motorbike. It not only looks fantastic, but is a key component in ensuring your safety whilst out on the road.
Luckily for you, Honda of Bournemouth has just received a whole range of expertly crafted and beautifully designed Shoei helmets!

What is so great about Shoei?

Shoei has been producing helmets since way back in the 1950’s so they have years of experience to draw upon. They first started producing helmets for the construction industry before moving to the motorcycle racing sector. They now produce hundreds of helmets each year in some fantastic designs.

All of their helmets are both designed and manufactured in Japan before they are shipped globally to be sold. They use the highest quality materials and go through extensive safety testing before they are released, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you will be protected should anything go wrong on the bike. One of the most popular helmets is the Shoei Qwest, renowned as being a superior sport touring helmet. More recently they have also released the stunning Shoei X Spirit 2 in a whole range of impressive designs.

Where can I get hold of one?

As previously mentioned, Honda of Bournemouth now stock a great range of Shoei helmets including both the Qwest and Spirit 2. They are available to order on the Honda of Bournemouth website under the tab named helmets. Once you have selected your model, design and size, simply click ‘Add to Basket’.

Using our secured checkout system, you can order with peace of mind and there is free delivery on orders over £20!

Honda of Bournemouth also offers a great range of Alpinestars and genuine Honda motorcycle parts. If you need any assistance in size or would like to know more, feel free to give us a call on 01202 541220