I love these boots! I’ve owned a pair of Alpinestars New Land boots since July 2012 and I have worn them nearly every day for the past year. They are perfect for me because they are comfortable and completely waterproof so I stay dry on my daily commute. I’ve also worn them on a couple of biking holidays to France and they coped brilliantly with the rain and humidity that I encountered on both trips.

Alpinestars New Land Boots
I recommend that you try these boots on for size to get the perfect fit. I usually take a European size 43 in most boots but I needed to go up a size to a 44 in the New Land boot. I was assured by Honda Of Bournemouth that this is quite normal for Alpinestars boots as they are cut a little on the small side. However, the size 44 fits me perfectly so I don’t care what size it says they are as long as they fit!
The Alpinestars New Land boot is a mid-length boot, coming to about mid-calf. This makes it a really practical boot to wear as it gives me all the protection I want with the ability to walk around in them all day in comfort. I spent all day wandering around Brands Hatch when I went to the BSB last year and they were really comfy. The collar around the top of the boot is soft and padded so it doesn’t rub when riding or walking. On the front and rear of the boots there are accordion flex zones which means that the boot moves with me and flexes back and forward as I walk so the boots felt supple from the first time I wore them. I do have a longer pair of boots that are closed with a full zip but I always have trouble getting them on and done up as they are quite a narrow fitting and I have to squeeze the boot around my calf to get the zip done up. With the Alpinestars New Land boots the opening to get my foot in is large so even someone with wide feet wouldn’t have a problem getting these boots on and off. The boots are done up with strong Velcro fixings. One wraps around the top of the boot to hold it securely around the mid-calf area and the other is lower down just under the ankle. I was a bit concerned about a boot that only had Velcro straps to hold it in place but when I’m wearing them they feel really secure.
I need boots that I can rely on to keep me dry when I’m riding in heavy rain and the Alpinestars New Land boots have proved to be perfect for wet weather commuting. They have a full Gore-Tex internal membrane which makes them 100% waterproof and breathable too. There is also a weatherproof gusset where you open the boot to get your foot in so it doesn’t leak at the entry point which is brilliant. The New Land boots are made of full grain leather so, like any leather shoes, they get more supple and comfortable as you wear them.
A back view of the New Land Boots
There are plenty of protective features in the CE Certified Alpinestars New Land boots. Over the shin area there is an internal shock resistant reinforcement panel mounted under the leather surface and there is a removable EVA footbed. EVA is a comfortable and lightweight material which provides outstanding shock absorption and impact protection. The New Land boot has ankle protection both internally under the leather and externally with a molded protector within the outer surface ankle panel. There is also an embedded shank reinforcement within the insole.  There are reflective bits at the back of the boots and a reinforced gear change pad. The sole of the New Land boot is really grippy so I know that my feet won’t slip when I put my foot down on loose gravel or wet roads.
I paid £169.99 for my Alpinestars New Land boots last year and they are worth every penny. The quality of the boots is fantastic. They have a few scuffs on them but the soles are still in great condition with loads of tread on them, the Velcro fastenings still attach firmly and they’ve never let
The sole on the New Land Boot
in a drop of rain. They’ve been brilliant on my daily commute, Sunday rides in the countryside and my touring holidays to France. I think they look good too. When I treat my other half to a day out on the bike  I know that I’ll be walking around all day so I usually take a pair of jeans with me so I can change out of my leathers. I find it a bit warm to be in leathers all day and when I’m out and about I feel a bit like a Power Ranger in my leathers! The New Land boots, being a bit shorter, tuck neatly under my jeans and are quite unobtrusive.
Overall, I’ve been extremely happy with my Alpinestars New land boots and I’d recommend them to everyone!

You can see the Alpinestars New Land boots at They still have them listed for £169.99 which is a great price for such a fantastic pair of boots.