Held Air N Dry Gore-Tex Gloves

When riding here in the UK you can never predict the weather. You might start your ride in blazing sunshine but within a couple of hours the clouds can gather and the rains will come and not stop for the rest of the morning. Most riders will either take a chance and wear their summer gloves and hope it doesn’t rain too hard or take a spare pair of waterproof gloves just in case. Now there is a solution! Held has invented a brilliant pair of gloves that give you two options within one pair of gloves. These gloves consist of two separate hand chambers. The first one will keep you dry and the second one is ventilated to keep you cool on hot days. Now you never need take two pairs of gloves out with you again!
Held Air N Dry Glove
The Held Air N Dry are a Gore-tex  glove and  feature a Gore 2in1 system and it is so easy to change between the two different chambers. At the top of the gloves there is a tab. Push the tab towards the back of the glove and you can slip you hand into the ‘Dry’ chamber. This section guarantees protection against rain and sweat. When the weather clears and it gets warm and dry you simply take off the gloves, push the tab forward towards the front of the gloves and slide your hands in to the ‘Breezy’ chamber. This is an unlined section that offers optimal ventilation and great feel of the controls. The Held Air N Dry is a slim fitting glove so the two separate chambers do not add extra bulk.  When you are wearing the gloves you can’t feel the two separate sections. Each chamber just feels as if you are wearing a normal glove.

Kangeroo Leather Palm

As well as being a very practical glove the Held Air N Dry also offers plenty of protection. The palm is made of kangaroo leather which is highly abrasion resistant. Kangaroos only sweat through their tail and tongue so there are no pores in their hide. This means that when kangaroo leather gets wet through rain or sweat the structure stays fixed and doesn’t become hard or shrinks like cow leather can. There is hard armour across the knuckle area and Superfabric reinforcements on the edge of the hand. Superfabric is a really tough material that is highly abrasion and cut resistant. It is made of a mix of 32% polyester and 68% epoxy resin. It is incredibly flexible and protective and Held use it to reinforce crash zones on many of their garments. The gloves also feature reflective areas to help with visibility in poor conditions.

Tab To Change Between Chambers

The Held Air N Dry gloves are really comfortable to wear. They have Velcro adjusters on the wrists and cuffs and stretch panels on the back to ensure a perfect fit. The hand is perforated for maximum ventilation and comfort. There is also a really handy visor wipe.
I can really recommend these gloves. They are tough and durable enough to be worn every day. They offer waterproofing, wind proofing and breathability in the wet and brilliant ventilation when it’s warm and dry. The Held Air n Dry gloves cost £134.99 from www.motorbikeplanet.co.uk. I think this is great value as you couldn’t buy one pair of Gore-Tex gloves and one pair of summer gloves for this price. They are sporty looking, stylish gloves that offer convenience, protection and practicality. What more could you want from one pair of gloves?!