What To Expect From The Shoei XR1100 Helmet

 If you had to describe the Shoei XR1100 helmet in few words, they would certainly be: excellent ventilation, top marks for safety, comfortable, quiet and excellent build quality. In other terms, one of the best!

One of the notable features of the XR-1100 is the vents on the top. As well as the expected chin and forehead inlet vents, it’s got four cool-looking exhaust vents on the top rear of the shell. And the good news is that the ventilation works very well.

Also, it’s worth noting that Shoei have one of the best and quickest visor removal mechanisms of all – great when you need to clean your visor regularly if you use your bike daily.

The outer shell is made in AIM+, which is an organic fibre and high performance fibre in various layers for a shock-absorbent shell. Even though the shell is highly rigid, it is also amazingly lightweight. You can almost forget your helmet once you’ve put it on.

The entire lining is removable and machine washable. Small tip: make sure you place it in a pillow case first. You can also wash the whole helmet in the shower, using some baby shampoo. In both cases, you will feel like having a new hygienic helmet every time!
It has also big ear cutaways for your intercom speakers or earphones.

Well, if you’re trying to get a balance between cost, safety and performance amongst the current crop of crash helmets for sale (and aren’t we all?) then the Shoei XR-1100 is definitely one of the best placed helmets on the market.

This is the full range of colours available for the Shoei XR-1100. You can purchase you helmet in store at Honda Of Bournemouth or from their on-line shop www.motorbikeplanet.co.uk.