Held Sixty-Six Jacket

Held Sixty-Six Jacket
There is something special about traditional looking motorcycle clothing, which is probably why the Held Sixty-Six jacket will catch your eye as soon as you will see it.
The outer shell is in waxed cotton material and the armour is CE approved in both the shoulders and elbows. The foam padding at the back can be replaced by a Held back protector as an accessory upgrade which you can buy from Honda of Bournemouth.
It is a great jacket for spring/summer/early autumn period. It is not meant to be a winter jacket but with a thermal underneath you will be more than comfortable. If you really feel the cold then you will have to go for a heavier jacket (in the same brand the Tortosa jacket seems to be the choice to make).

Back to our Sixty-Six jacket, it is fully waterproof, windproof and breathable. It will work perfectly well if you have to face those expected/unexpected showers.
Let’s talk about the features. You are able to adjust the jacket to get a perfect fit with the hip and a cuff adjustments. The soft integrated collar is comfortable and doesn't rub your neck when riding and a connection zipper will allow you to zip the jacket with your Held trousers.
If you have a closer look on the inside, you will find three inner pockets (and 4 external ones). Two more pockets with Velcro tabs situated under the shoulders protectors allow you to take them off easily. The jacket can be zipped or buttoned. These one contribute to the style of the item.
This is a great waterproof jacket with CE approved armours that will protect you while riding your bike.
The main difference is obviously the style of it. It is beautifully made, and you will be able to wear it socially as well. Its retro style will get you a lot of admirers! It has the real Route 66 retro biker thing going on!
This jacket is packed with features and a good price at only £179.99! Colour wise, you can find it in black on www.motorbikeplanet.co.uk.