The Best Clothing To Wear On Your Sportsbike

Held Road Jacket
I’ve just bought a Fireblade so what should I wear to be protected while riding my bike?
This is a question we get asked a lot. You’ve just bought your new bike and you already love it so you can’t wait to start riding it! Everything is perfect, you already have the helmet but the rest of your gear is looking worn and tatty. Your bike is amazing so you MUST look great on it too!
That’s where we can help! We’ll advise you on the perfect outfit, depending on your budget and on the bike you own. Get the right style without compromising on the protection at Honda of Bournemouth or

Alpinestars SP 2 Gloves

Budget wise
For those with a limited budget, we have the perfect deal.
The Held Road Jacket is a leather jacket that is on sale at Honda Of Bournemouth. The entire armour is CE Certified (elbows and shoulders) and you can upgrade the jacket by buying a back protector. The style and level of protection of this jacket makes it perfect for those who own super sports bike. The price is definitely a bonus as the retail price for this jacket is £319.99 and we are now selling them for £160!
Add a pair of Alpinestars SP-2 gloves in black and you get a great gear that won’t scare your wallet. These gloves are a sports riding glove and are also on sale. You get a huge level of protection (hard carbon knuckles, full grain leather construction, rubber pads inserts to protect the palm from abrasion…). They are stylish too and they will look great with the rest and with your bike. You can get a pair of them for £59.99 at
Altogether, this outfit “Budget Wise” will cost you £219.99. It’s great looking gear at an even more attractive price!

Alpinestars Stunt Jacket
Summer Special
Do you fancy a complete gear for this summer? Do you want to look cool and relaxed on your bike without compromising on the safety? Well, this outfit is for you then!
The Alpinestars Stunt Leather jacket will protect you perfectly while riding. The fact that this jacket has a removable thermal liner makes it the perfect jacket for a warm or cooler days ride. All of the armour is CE Certified and as usual you can upgrade the jacket by getting an Alpinestars RC Back Protector. The stretch Kevlar fabric panels will protect your body from abrasion and they will give you optimal flexibility, especially in the riding position. This jacket is on sale at for £250.00.
Riding jeans have never been so stylish. The new range of Alpinestars Jeans will offer you the level of protection you would be looking for in order to ride a sportsbike. You have the choice of 3 different models: the Hellcat, the Ablaze and the Resist. All of them come with knee protectors and removable hip protectors. You can adjust the knee pockets to play on the length. They are highly abrasion resistant thanks to the wide Kevlar panels stitched inside of the jeans.
Alpinestars Hellcat Jeans
The Hellcat comes with a stretch panel at the top of your back for an extremely comfortable riding position. A zipper at the bottom of each leg will allow you to wear it either underneath or on top of your racing boots. They are therefore ideal for the summer.
The Resist and Ablaze are almost the same model, except that you don’t get the zippers and the stretch panel at the top of your back. The Ablaze is a more relaxed fit while the Resist is a regular fit.
You can get these jeans at (hellcat £219.95 and Ablaze /Resist £169.96).
This summer gear will cost you £469.95, but you will never be so stylish on your bike!

Fancy top-level gear?
Do you want the best of the best you can get to ride your new bike?
Let’s go through the best on the market at the moment.
The Alpinestars GP-Tech Leather jacket is truly the best jacket you could get right now. It has absolutely everything (and it is on sale, Yahooouuu!):
• High density perforated leather panels for superior ventilation
• Breathable, reinforced stretch Kevlar® inserts on the sleeves ensure an optimal fit in the riding position
• Removable liner that allows the jacket to be configured for comfortable wear in cooler conditions
• Full length accordion stretch leather zone along the side and shoulders provide optimum fit and comfort when riding
• CE certified GP elbow protectors provide exceptional impact energy dissipation in the event of an accident
• Thermoplastic external protection on shoulders and elbows offer additional impact protection
• Back compartment with PE foam padding (CE certified Bio Armour back protector available as an accessory upgrade)

You really have to try it on to realise how good it is! The jacket is on sale at for £449.99 instead of the RRP of £700!!

Alpinestars GP Plus Pants
As you want to get the top-level gear, you could match the jacket with a pair of Alpinestars GP Plus Leather pants in black. Everything in these trousers is meant to be comfortable:
• CE certified knee/shin impact protectors
• The accordion leather knees zones allow high flexibility, mobility and comfort while riding.
• There are integrated comfort foam on the coccyx and hips.
• The waist closure offers a precise and comfort fit
• The connection zipper will allow you to attach both your trousers and your jacket together
• The Alpinestars sport knee sliders are replaceable
The best thing with these: you will look great on your bike! You can get one of these for £269.99 at, and if you really want them to perfectly match your jacket, they are also available in black and white.
Add a racing pair of boots to your almost complete gear and you will be fully protected to ride your bike.

Alpinestars SMX Plus Gore-Tex

The Alpinestars SMX Plus Gore-Tex are for you. These fully CE Certified track and road boots offer protection and comfort in any climate. Highly breathable with a 100% waterproof Gore-Tex® lining, they incorporate advanced protection features which are discreetly integrated in the chassis, affording both safety and subtlety. Have a look on our website for the sizes available and get one of them for £299.95
The total bill for this top-level section is £1,019.93, but as you’ve seen before, you get the best gear you could imagine!
Three different outfits depending on your budget, just get the look you want and let’s get started on the roads!
P.S: Get the right look and get 10% off all items not already on sale in the showroom.