The Eliminator jacket from Alpinestars: Even the name sounds cool!

I bought this jacket 6 months ago and I thought I would do a quick review on it.
I own a VT750 and I have been looking for a leather jacket, with a certain level of protection, comfortable and more than anything, retro styling. You know what I mean: the total American style, the casual vintage look, the jacket that would perfectly match the style of my bike. I have to admit that the bike looks amazing, I just love it. It’s done its job. I just needed to do mine…

Alpinestars Eliminator jacket

I went to have a look on the Internet (like everybody) to try to find  a certain jacket that could meet my needs.
I was quite surprised to see that almost all the brands offer this kind of style of jacket. I couldn't make my mind up as they all offer more or less the same level of protection. I decided that the best thing to do was to try some on.
I stopped by Honda of Bournemouth on a late afternoon as they are my local dealership. I knew exactly what I wanted as soon as I saw it! The Alpinestars Eliminator jacket has the perfect vintage look and stood out for me against all of the modern, highly armoured style jackets around it.

The Eliminator jacket from Alpinestars includes good safety features, even though it looks more like a casual jacket. The ultra-soft outer shell is made of 0.7mm full grain leather with, of course, a vintage finish.
It has proper CE certified armour at the shoulders and elbows. These protectors are lightweight and slim in profile in order to match the style of the jacket. There is a special pocket for an optional back protector if you want to upgrade the jacket. I was really impressed with this level of protection for this kind of jacket. This was definitely a bonus and a plus to make my decision.

This jacket has also a lot of great features. For example, the fixed long-sleeves inner lining will keep you warm all year around. I don’t bother taking a bag with me when I am riding as the jacket has plenty of pockets: 4 external which are zipped and 2 internal ones, ideal for my wallet and my phone.

Alpinestars Eliminator jacket in plain black

The waist adjustment D-ring is also great for riders like me, who loves beer (!), as it allows you to adjust the jacket for a perfect fit.

There are lots of quirky retro looking finishes on the jacket. You have two little vintage clippers at the collar (you will find the same on the inside to close the pockets) and even the zippers are stylish. Not everybody likes vintage gear but for those who do this is the perfect jacket!
I had the choice of two different colours in the shop: black or black/cream. I bought the black one: black bike, black jacket!

To be honest I spent a bit more than I intended on the jacket but it was worth it, I simply love it!