Do you fancy the challenge of seeing whether we can make you toasty during this winter?

Here at Honda of Bournemouth, we like to test, try and use the products we sell. And we think it should be the
same for you. What a better idea than to test these two awesome products from Alpinestars: the Tech Heated Vest and the Celsius Gloves. It is the perfect time, perfect period and “perfect” weather for this.

We are currently running a demo fleet with these two awesome products.

Take the challenge and see for yourself!

Here’s what you need to know about the products:

Alpinestars Tech Heated Vest for £179.95

If you are riding all year around and if you feel the cold, winter can be a quite tough period. It won’t anymore thanks to this Heated Vest. It is very simple to use: simply wear it under your normal motorcycle jacket. It has to be quite a tight fit in order to keep the warmth of the vest and spread it directly against your tee-shirt (please do not wear your vest without and base layer). It is made of insulated Lycra, and the heat panels are incorporated in the chest, upper shoulder/neck and lower back.
The good thing with this vest is that Alpinestars even thought of integrating breathable side panels in order to wick the moisture away and make sure your body is at the right temperature during the ride.
There is a large collar for more comfort and some reflective panels for more visibility (even though you wouldn’t ride without your jacket on).
You can also upgrade the vest with the Tech Heated Controller, allowing you to choose between 4 different levels of temperature.
Ok, so now, let’s have a look at the power management, the most interesting stuff. The vest takes 55W powered directly from your bike’s battery. The vest is connected to it by a connection cord to an adapter interface on the jacket using an integrated loom. The only thing you have to do when going for a ride is plug your vest onto the connection cord and that’s absolutely all!
Get your Heated Vest now for £179.95 at Honda of Bournemouth.
So, not convinced yet? Take a look at the gloves…

Alpinestars Celsius gloves for £149.99

The Alpinestars Celsius gloves can be used in conjunction of the vest or by themselves. Have you ever had these frozen hands while riding? It is not comfortable at all, so frustrating and it can also be dangerous, especially when you can’t even move your fingers!
Well, these gloves are exactly what you need.
The Celsius Gloves feature a Drystar membrane, which is 100% waterproof and breathable. You will find a pocket on both wrist of the gloves, and in each pocket the cable that will allow you to connect them into a wiring cable (that will stay inside of your riding jacket) and straight into the battery of your bike (this is the same process as the Heated Vest). Alpinestars' active heating technology ensures controlled and consistent heating over the whole hand. Even better than heated grips! The gloves are also very thin and very comfortable, allowing you to feel your grips and the controls while riding. There is only one level of temperature but we can say that this level is just the right one for your hands, not too cold but not burning too!

Get your pair now for £149.99 at Honda of Bournemouth
In order to connect both Heated Vest and Gloves, you will need the Alpinestars Cable Set, available separately.
Protection wise, the gloves feature hard knuckle protectors and finger bridges. The landing zones are also padded and reinforced. They are then perfect for riding all year around. If you don’t need to plug them in, just use them as a normal pair of gloves!

Alpinestars Tech Heated Controller £59.99
Alpinestars Y Cable for interconnection £9.99

Don’t forget, we are running a demo fleet with these two awesome products. Come down and speak to us, we will be happy to sort this out for you!
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