R&G Crash Protectors For My Honda CBR250R

Having already experienced the expense and inconvenience of dropping my previous bike I knew that I wanted to fit crash protectors to my new CBR250R. There’s a lot of plastic on this bike that could crack in the event of even a slow speed drop so before I collected the bike from Honda Of Bournemouth I asked them to fit some R&G crash protection for me. I browsed through their web site www.motorbikeplanet.co.uk to help me decide which of the protectors I wanted to fit to my bike.

R&G Aero Crash Protectors
The most important crash protectors for me are the aero crash protectors that protect the main fairing panels. I read through the fitting instructions and decided to let Honda Of Bournemouth fit them for me. You do need to disconnect the indicators and drill the fairing panels to fit the protectors and this was something that I didn’t have the confidence or experience to do to myself. I left the job up to the technicians at Honda Of Bournemouth and they did a great job of fitting them for me. The crash protectors are really neat and you hardly notice that they are there. The aero styling helps them blend with the contours of the bike and the feeling of confidence that they give is amazing. I know that if I drop my bike while pushing it into the garage or when my foots slips on gravel in a car park and the bike goes down there is a good chance that the damage to the bike won’t be nearly as bad as it would be without the protectors fitted. I realise that having the R&G crash protectors fitted won’t guarantee to save the fairings, levers, mirrors and other protruding parts in a big crash but they will protect my bike from drops and falls caused by my relative inexperience of riding a sports styled bike. A friend of mine at work has all the R&G crash protection available fitted to his Fireblade and he swears that they have saved various parts of his bike when he’s been falling off during track days! I’m not going to test out my crash protection with a track day for a while yet but if I’m ever brave enough to try I’m sure the R&G crash protectors will be put to very good use!!
I got these R&G aero crash protectors from www.motorbikeplanet.co.uk. I had mine fitted but they come with full instructions if you’re confident enough to have a go at fitting them yourself. They do free mainland UK delivery on orders over £30 so you don’t even have to go and collect them.

R&G Fork Protectors

I also decided to have the R&G fork protectors fitted to the bike. They looked much easier to fit but I still prefer to leave it to the experts. I’m really concerned about how much it would cost me to replace a fork leg should it get damaged so these fork protectors put my mind at ease. I asked the guys at Honda Of Bournemouth how much a fork leg is for my CBR250 and a Genuine Honda fork is just over £265. I paid £30.99 for my R&G fork protectors so I think that they are a brilliant investment.

R&G Bar End Slider

There are still loads more R&G products that I can get to help protect my bike. I think my next investment will be a radiator guard and then, maybe, the bar end sliders. My new bike was a bit of an impulse buy as a special birthday treat to myself. My XL125 Varadero still had plenty of life left in it but I fancied something sporty looking to help me through my mid-life crisis! I won’t be able to change this bike for a while now so I want to keep it as pristine as possible for as long as possible. The R&G crash protectors are the perfect way to help me achieve this.