Accessories for the NT700V Deauville

The Honda NT700V Deauville is a really popular bike and we sell lots of accessories for them. Our customers use their bikes for touring holidays, commuting and just having fun. We’ve asked some of the Deauville riders what accessories they have on their bikes and which ones they wouldn’t be without!

Genuine Honda Large Pannier Lids
Luggage seems to be the most popular accessory for a lot of our customers. The NT700V comes with panniers but the Genuine Honda large pannier lid set is something which most riders seem to invest in. These lids replace the original pannier lids and expand the panniers carrying volume from 26.7 Litres to 35.1 Litres on the right hand side and from 27.4 Litres to 36.2 Litres on the left hand side. This means that you can fit a full face helmet and more in the panniers when the large lids are fitted. The large pannier lids are colour matched to the bike so they blend in seamlessly and look great. They are the perfect for carrying all of the rider and pillions luggage on a long weekend away in the UK or a longer holiday abroad.

Genuine Honda Top Box
If you need even more carrying space then a Genuine Honda top box is the perfect accessory for you. It is a large 45 Litre capacity box which can hold two full face helmets. There is a backrest and an arm rest set that can be attached to the top box to make the pillion feel comfortable. A top box is a great accessory if you are taking a nervous pillion out for the first time as it gives them something solid to sit back against and stops them from thinking they will fall off the back of the bike! The Genuine Honda top box comes with everything you need to fit it to your bike so you won’t need to purchase any extra parts.

Pannier Inner Bags
The Genuine Honda Top Box Inner Bag and Pannier Inner Bags are a must if you take holidays on your bike regularly. You can fill these bags with all of your belongings and when you reach your destination you can simply carry the bags into the hotel or B&B. It’s so much easier than trying to carry all of the individual items stored in the panniers and much more convenient than removing the whole top box and taking that indoors with you!

Knuckle Deflector Kit
Many Deauville riders choose to have the Knuckle Deflector Kit fitted to their bike. The set of two knuckle visors attach to the front upper cowl to protect the rider from the wind. They blend with the bikes contours and don’t detract from the look of the bike at all. For such a simple piece of equipment they work fantastically well and deflect the wind away from the rider brilliantly. If you commute to work every day down a long stretch of motorway then the Knuckle Deflector Kit could be the perfect piece of kit for you!

Heated Grips
Who wants cold hands when riding in the winter? Our Deauville owners certainly don’t! Most NT700V riders have heated grips fitted to their bikes. Being comfortable can make the difference between a pleasurable ride out and a painful ride home. When your hands are freezing cold and your fingers are numb you don’t have full control over the bike so it’s a good idea to invest in a set of Genuine Honda Heated Grips. The grips are easy to use even when wearing gloves so you can change the settings on the move. The controller on the handlebar has a heat level indicator and there are 5 adjustable heating levels. You don’t need to worry about the heated grips draining your battery as the LED Vindicator with voltage monitoring function and battery protection mode prevents the heated grips from draining the battery.

These are just a few of the Genuine Honda accessories that our customers recommend. There are loads more NT700V Deauville accessories available on our web site From outdoor covers and security products to tank pads and under cowls there is something for everyone who owns a Deauville!