Alpinestars Atem Leather Jacket - A Review

Alpinestars Atem Jacket

I have had my Alpinestars Atem leather jacket for nearly a year now and I love it! I bought it when I purchased my new CBR250R and I wanted a leather jacket that could offer me loads of protection and look good too. The Alpinestars Atem jacket fitted the bill perfectly. There were plenty of other jackets that I could have chosen that would have given me the protection that I wanted. The Alpinestars GP Tech jacket was a lovely jacket but a little out of my price range and I preferred the styling of the Atem jacket over the Apinestars GP Pro jacket and the GP-R jacket.

Alpinestars Bionic Chest Protectors
The Alpinestars Atem jacket includes some impressive safety features. It is made of 1.3mm high grade leather and is reinforced in all of the critical impact zones. A lot of the technology in this jacket is used by MotoGP and WSBK riders. An example of this is the Dynamic Friction Shield shoulder protectors. If they are good enough for racers doing crazy speeds on a racetrack then they’re good enough for me on my CBR250R! This jacket has the multi snap button system so you can fit your Level 2 CE Certified Alpinestars Bionic back protector to the jacket. The shoulder and elbow protectors are CE Certified and there are chest pad compartments with PE padding in them to protect the chest area. I have upgraded this padding and now have Alpinestars Bionic chest pads for even more protection. There are security straps at the bottom of the jacket that go around the top of your legs so they keep the jacket in position if you slide down the road feet first. These straps are removable and I have taken mine off. There is a full length connection zip and the jacket zips into my Alpinestars trousers so I don’t bother with the security straps. They are a nice touch though and it shows the thought that has gone into making this jacket so it is fully CE Certified.

Back View Of The Atem Jacket
The Atem jacket is really comfortable to wear. It feels nice and solid but isn’t heavy or restrictive in any way. It has lots of stretch panels so it fits well and when I move around on the bike the jacket moves with me. I can also adjust the fitting at the waist with sturdy Velcro tabs.
There is plenty of ventilation in the Alpinestars Atem jacket to keep me cool when I’m riding. There are perforated panels on the upper and lower body and the hump on the back improves ventilation as well as making me a little more aerodynamic! Inside the jacket there is a multi panel liner and 3D mesh inserts for even more comfort and ventilation.

On a practical level the jacket works well. There are two outer pockets that each close with a zip to keep whatever you put in there safe. There are also 3 pockets within the liner that are closed with a Velcro tab and another sturdier pocket inside the jacket that is secured by a zip. The collar is really soft and doesn’t rub my neck when I’m riding or walking around.

I think this is the perfect leather jacket no matter what bike you ride. At the moment I have a 250cc bike but even when I progress onto a bigger capacity, faster bike (I’d love a Fireblade but I think I might get the Honda CBR600RR as my next bike) I will still wear this jacket because it feels so safe, secure and comfortable. It was a considered purchase at the time because it is £529.99 but it’s such a good quality garment that I know it was definitely worth the money. I wear my jacket all the time and it’s still in brilliant condition with hardly any wear. I chose the black, white and red version and the white panels do show up all of the dead bugs that I have collected although they are easily removed with my NikWax leather care kit. If you need a new leather jacket then I would definitely recommend that you take a look at the Alpinestars Atem jacket. When you’ve tried it on you’ll have to buy it because it’s brilliant!! I bought mine in store at Honda Of Bournemouth but you can also buy in on line from their website