Increased Sales Of 125cc Motorcycles and Scooters

In the last year Honda Of Bournemouth have seen their sales of 125cc motorcycles massively increase. Sales of sports, adventure and touring bikes have remained constant but the 125 market has soared. There are many reasons for this dramatic increase in sales.
With the cost of fuel rising on a regular basis and road tax and insurance premiums at the highest they’ve ever been it is not surprising that so many families have to sell their second car. A household with two adults usually needs access to 2 vehicles. They either work in different areas or one needs a car for the school run while the other commutes to work. Public transport is an option but not always convenient or reliable especially in smaller towns and rural areas. The solution to this problem is a 125cc motorcycle or scooter.
If you don’t have a motorcycle licence you can still ride a 125cc motorcycle. You will need to take a CBT test which stands for Compulsory Basic Training. This course usually only takes 1 day and teaches you everything you need to know about riding a bike safely on the road. When you have completed the course you can then choose your bike.
 The two bestselling Honda bikes in the UK are both 125cc. They are the PCX125 and the CBF125. The PCX125 is a scooter. It’s a practical choice and packed full of great features. It has an Idle Stop Switch that automatically stops the engine running after 3 seconds of idling. When the throttle is twisted the engine will start again. You can turn the Idle Stop Switch off if you don’t want to use it but it’s a sensible option if you are thinking about fuel economy. The ride is smooth and extremely quiet and the styling makes it look more like a larger capacity scooter than a 125. You can get lots of Genuine Honda accessories for the PCX125 from a practical top box to sticker sets and stainless floor panels. There’s plenty of choice if you like to customise your scooter! The PCX125 is only £2600 and there is an affordable 3 year finance package available.

The CBF125 is a more traditional motorcycle with gears and a small fairing. It looks fantastic and it’s easy to ride even for a novice. We have had lots of customers who have bought the CBF125 to commute on and then been bitten by the biking bug and progressed on to bigger capacity machines. They got so much enjoyment from the CBF125 that biking became a passion rather than just a means of transport! The CBF125 is just £2600 and this bike also has an enticing finance deal.

If you like something a little more unusual and want to turn heads then the MSX125 is the bike for you. This bike is styled like the monkey bikes of the 60s and 70s. It may be small but it’s perfectly formed. It’s quirky, fresh and unconventional. The MSX125 is small but it feels larger thanks to many of the full sized motorcycle parts fitted to it. It has a very efficient fuel injected engine and a motorcycle style four speed gearbox and clutch. The MSX125 is also £2600.
The Honda 125cc range also includes the sporty CBR125 and the S-Wing and SH125 which are both scooters.

When you have purchased your bike you will need the correct clothing and helmet. Honda Of Bournemouth sells a starter kit for only £139.99 which includes a Spada helmet, jacket and gloves to get you on the road. You can also purchase the starter kit from their on-line store . The jacket and gloves are both waterproof so there is no excuse not to go out on a rainy day. Modern motorcycle clothing is designed to keep you warm and dry so commuting during the winter should never be an issue.
Road tax for a 125cc motorcycle or scooter is only £17 a year and modern bikes are so fuel efficient that they cost very little to run. Parking is never a problem when you have a motorcycle or scooter which is brilliant when so many companies can’t provide car parking for their employees. One of the best things about owning a small bike is that you will probably never get stuck in a traffic jam again. Your journey times will be quicker and you’ll have much more fun getting there!
It’s easy to understand why so many of us are giving up our expensive gas guzzling cars and jumping on practical, fun and exciting 125cc bikes. Give it a go and you’ll love it!
To help you get started on your new 125cc bike Honda Of Bournemouth are offering a free CBT with every new 125cc scooter or bike bought before the end of September 2013. Please call John on 01202 541225 for more details.