Keep Your Bike Safe With Motorcycle Security Products

When you have just spent your hard earned cash on a new or used motorcycle the last thing you want is for it to be stolen. Before getting your bike home it is wise to have invested in some security products to try and keep your bike as safe as possible.
Abus Provogue 300
 There are loads of different security products available to buy from One of the most popular of these products is the disc lock. These locks clamp over your front brake disc to stop the wheel from being turned. They are great for deterring an opportunist thief but a determined organised crook will arrive in a van and load your bike into it without too much difficulty. The advantage of a disc lock is the fact that they are small and portable so you can take them with you wherever you go on your bike. They offer a visual deterrent and can be purchased quite cheaply. Many of them are Thatcham approved which can make a difference to some insurance premiums so they are well worth the money.

We have lots of different disc locks to
Abus Granit Sledg 77
choose from including the ever popular Abus Provogue 300. This disc lock comes in a range of colours to suit any bike. It’s easy to use, even one handed, and is tough and impact resistant. It’s a great budget buy at only £36.72. At the other end of the financial scale we have the Abus Granit Sledg 77 Grip Disc lock. This lock features the Abus X-Plus cylinder which is designed to stop the lock being picked. It comes with two keys, one of which has an LED light in it so you can see to unlock your bike in the dark. It also includes a memory cable, also known as a disc lock reminder. This bright yellow coil is stretched between the disc lock and the handlebar to remind you that the lock is fitted. It’s very easy to forget to remove the disc lock and when you start to ride away the lock causes the bike to suddenly stop. More often than not this sudden stop causes the bike to fall over which creates damaged panels and irate riders. The memory cable is a really simple solution to this problem!  Not all disc locks fit all bikes so it’s worth checking that the lock you want will fit your disc.

Citadel Steel-O-Flex
One of the best ways to stop is bike thief is to chain your bike to something strong and immovable like a post or railing. A good quality chain will take a while for the thief to cut through and cutting through a chain will draw unwanted attention. We have a couple of different types of chain one of which is made of hardened steel with a fabric cover and inbuilt locking system. The Citadel Chain and Lock is 150cm long so it is long enough to go around your wheel and through a post. It’s also quite flexible so it’s easy to manoeuvre through railings and other tighter spaces. Alternatively we sell the Citadel Steel-O-Flex cable which also has a lock built into it. It’s 180cm long and coils up into quite a small space so transporting it is not an issue. Both of these chains retail for under £56 so they offer affordable protection. These chains can be used at home or when you are out and about so they are a versatile and visual deterrent.

Abus Ground Anchor
If you are worried about your bike being stolen from home then a ground anchor may be the solution that you are looking for. These anchors can be fitted indoors or outside so you can use them inside a garage or on a driveway. The ground anchor is bolted securely to the floor and the motorcycle can then be chained to it. It’s a great idea if you have nothing solid in your driveway to chain the bike to. When fitted inside your garage it makes it even more difficult and time consuming for a thief and the more obstacles you can put in their way the more likely you are to keep your bike!

Honda makes a range of U-Locks that are designed to be carried under the seat of the bike until needed. Each lock is specific for a different model so you need to get the correct one for your bike.
They all have tamper resistant barrels and are of the highest quality as you would expect from any Honda product. The U Lock fits around the front wheel to prevent the bike being rolled away.

It doesn’t matter what type of bike you own or how old it is, it will still be a target for thieves so investing in some security devices now could save you a fortune later. Having your bike stolen is a really horrible experience. There is a feeling of disbelief when you go back to your bike to find it is no longer there. When you realise that it really has gone you then have to deal with the police and your insurance company. If your bike is your only mode of transport you have to work out how you are going to get to work and the whole process inevitably ends up costing you time and money. With a few well-chosen security products you can reduce the risk of having your bike stolen and all the inconvenience that goes with it. Lock your bike and keep it safe!!